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How to Be Eco-Friendly in Calgary

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

Calgary cares about the environment, and it shows. Out of 812 cities ranked by CDP, the city of Calgary made the A List along with only 87 other cities. To make the A List, Calgary showed climate-adaption innovation and strategy while remaining a prosperous place to live, work, and play.

Some of Calgary’s eco-friendly initiatives include:

● 100% renewable electricity for all municipal operations

● Wind farms constructed in southern Alberta

● Solar photovoltaic systems in city-owned facilities

● 80,000 LED public streetlamps

● The Green Line, a light rail system in development

That gives us a picture of Calgary’s green energy and initiatives, but what about you? How can you, a Calgary citizen, be eco-friendly in this city?

Here’s your guide to being eco-friendly in Calgary, with links and information about all things green and sustainable living in this city.

Use Eco-Friendly Transportation

Calgarians have many options for transportation. You can make eco-friendly choices about how you’ll get from Point A to Point B, and you don’t have to choose just one - an eco-friendly lifestyle in Calgary likely includes a combination of transportation methods.

The most eco-friendly option is to walk, but that’s not always feasible. Next up would be to bike, but again, that’s not always an option.

If you must drive, consider carpooling or using a hybrid or electric vehicle. Learn how to be eco-conscious as you drive by accelerating smoothly, maintaining your vehicle and tire pressure, planning and combining trips, and reducing idle time.

The following are other eco-friendly transportation options for citizens of Calgary.

Public transit

Calgary Transit - Download the app for convenient access to routes. City drivers are trained in the Green Driver program to reduce fuel use and greenhouse gas emissions. The city also uses cleaner fuels, compressed natural gas buses, and 100% renewable energy to power C-trains.


Communauto Alberta - Access a vehicle for as little as 41 cents per minute and up to $149.75 per week at the long distance rate.

Bird - E-scooter sharing

Neuron - E-scooter sharing

Lime - E-bike and e-scooter sharing

Choose Locally Sourced Food

Locally sourced food doesn’t have to travel as far to get to your table. This means less fuel emissions in the process from the farm to your plate.

Calgary has plenty of options for buying locally grown and locally made food! - a food & grocery delivery service

Calgary Year-Round Farmers’ Markets

Open Thursday-Sunday 9am-5pm

510 77th Avenue SE

Open Friday-Sunday 9am-5pm

1235 26 Avenue SE

Open Saturday 10am-1pm in winter, and 10am-3pm from June to October

1721 29 Avenue SW

Open Thursday-Saturday 11am-8pm and Sunday 11am-5pm

426, 12445 Lake Fraser Drive SE

Open Friday-Sunday 9am-5pm

226066 112 Street West, Foothills

Open Wednesday 3pm-7pm

Hillhurst Sunnyside Community Centre, 1320 5 Avenue NW

Prairie Horizon Fresh Market

Open Saturday-Sunday 11am-5pm

New Horizon Mall, 260300 Writing Creek Crescent

Calgary Seasonal Farmers’ Markets


Monday-Saturday 9am-6pm; Sundays and holidays 10am-5pm

4645 12 Street SE

Check website for dates in the summer months

3111 17th Avenue SW

Buy Used Clothing, Furniture, Books & Other Household Items

When you buy used clothing, furniture, books, and other household items, you save those items from ending up in a landfill. The more we buy used, the less demand there is for manufacturers to produce new items. Less manufacturing means fewer greenhouse gas emissions and less energy consumption.

Be eco-friendly in Calgary by shopping at consignment and thrift stores. You’ll find treasures you didn’t know you needed! And you’ll save big bucks on brand name products.

Calgary Consignment Stores

Mid-Century Furniture & Decor

4108 17th Street SE

Buy & Sell Used Books in Calgary

● 907 9 Avenue SE

● 104 61 Avenue SW

14, 3434 - 34 Avenue NE

Sports Equipment

● 270 Stewart Green SW

● 303 Shawville Boulevard SE Unit 560

Children’s Clothing

Bay #36 2835 - 37th Street SW

● 8228 Macleod Trail SE

● 2770 32nd Avenue NE

● 4625 Varsity Drive NW

Men’s & Women’s Clothing & Accessories

488 10816 Macleod Trail SE

2024 Edmonton Trail NE

1911 34 Avenue SW

202 12100 Macleod Trail SE

12, 2100 4 Street SW

130 10 Street NW

1418 9 Avenue SE

● 1145 Kensington Crescent NW

● 1415 11 Street SW

● 1226 9 Avenue SE

● 3131 27th Street NE

● 109-4625 Varsity Drive NW

● 10233 Elbow Drive SW

● 1002 Macleod Trail SE

● 1013 17 Avenue SW

Bay #36 2835 - 37th Street SW

227 153 Avenue SE

810 Edmonton Trail NE

120 10 Street NW

200, 1022 17 Avenue SW

8244 Elbow Drive SW

7702 Elbow Drive SW

Calgary Thrift Stores

● 9655 Macleod Trail SW

● 5707 Macleod Trail SW

● 1440 - 52 Street NE

● 4625 Varsity Drive NW

#710, 12024 Sarcee Trail NW

2808 Ogden Road SE, Bay 11

3423 26 Avenue SW

2946 32nd Street NE

● Unit #128 11520 24 Street SE

● 121 - 58 Avenue SW

● 3200-17th Avenue SE Unit 3A

● 3508-32nd Avenue NE Unit 461

● 11520 24 St SE Unit #128

● 104-58th Ave SE

● Unit #1, 240 Midpark Way SE

● 3405-34th St NE

● 9737 Macleod Trail SW

● 5720 Silver Springs Blvd NW Suite #28

105 - 58th Avenue SW

906 Center Street N

Recycle & Donate Used Stuff

Buying used stuff is good, but you can also be more eco-friendly by donating your used stuff. Someone else may benefit from it. In addition to selling used books, sports equipment, furniture, and clothing at the consignment stores listed above, you can donate or recycle your stuff at thrift stores and the following locations in Calgary.

Donate furniture & appliances

ReStore - Habitat for Humanity Southern Alberta

● 3465 Sunridge Way NE

● 7291 11 St SE

Recycle electronics

● Spyhill Landfill - 11808 - 69 Street NW

● East Calgary Landfill - 3801 - 68 Street SE

● Shepard Landfill - 12111 - 68 Street SE

Donate clothing, shoes, & blankets

There are many non-profit organizations that welcome donations. Women’s shelters, animal shelters, homeless shelters, and many others. Here are a few to get you started.

3640 11A Street NE

● 102 11 Avenue SE

● 7025 44 Street SE

● Bay 27, 4216-54 Avenue SE

7007 54th Street SE

Aim for Zero Waste

A zero-waste lifestyle is one that doesn’t produce any garbage. You use everything you purchase, including the packaging. Naturally, this is easier when you buy products without packaging, or when you buy products in reusable packaging. This can apply to food, beverages, personal care products, and more.

Calgary has several businesses that promote zero waste, either by selling products without packaging, or by selling products that will help you transition to a zero waste lifestyle (such as reusable straws or bulk laundry soap, for example).

921 9 Avenue SE

● 3508 - 32nd Avenue NE, Unit 431

● 4889 - 130th Avenue SE

● 9250 Macleod Trail SE

● 409 East Hills Boulevard, SE

● 55 Sage Hill Plaza NW

1225A Kensington Road NW

323 17 Avenue SE

● 6455 Macleod Trail SE (Chinook Mall)

#P054-3625 Shaganappi (Market Mall)

1312B 9 Avenue SE

You can also aim for zero waste by refusing to receive junk mail. Find out how to stop junk mail in Calgary at Green Calgary’s Dump the Junk Mail Campaign.

Practice Eco-Friendly Yard Maintenance

Eco-friendly yard maintenance aims to reduce water consumption and storm runoff by collecting rainwater. You can conserve up to 900 gallons of water a year with a single rain barrel!

You can also reduce waste by using a composter. This can reduce your garbage by up to 50%. That’s a lot less waste in the landfill!

Visit Green Calgary for rain barrels and composters.

Build an Eco-Friendly Home

One more way you can be eco-friendly in Calgary is by living in an eco-friendly home. Key features of an eco-friendly home include[2] :

● Renewable energy technologies

● Electric vehicle charging stations

● Sustainable environmentally friendly materials

● Energy-efficient windows & skylights

● Low-flow water fixtures

● ENERGY STAR appliances

● Smart home technology

An eco-friendly home is designed to make eco-friendly living almost effortless. When your house incorporates features like these, you’re being eco-friendly just by living in your home!

Melcom Homes is Calgary’s eco-friendly home builder. Contact us today to find out how you can build an eco-friendly home in Calgary.

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