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The future of living starts with energy efficient homes. You'll experience and appreciate the difference from the moment you walk into your brand new Melcom home. In a world where efficiency is a necessity, our homes are built with your lifestyle and comfort in mind, together we have the expertise to create your dream home from concept to completion, including all aspects of design, financing and scheduling!

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Our homes

Our homes are built for your lifestyle and comfort. Whether you’re looking for a stylish, single-family home or multi-unit project, we offer a variety of features and designs to meet the needs of varying lifestyles and budgets.

Installing Solar Panel

Our mission

Our mission is to create a more sustainable world one house at a time. Building eco-friendly, sustainable homes not only benefits the environment, it also benefits the home buyer. A Melcom home saves you money, protects your mental and physical health, and creates greater comfort inside your home.


Our commitment 

Melcom Homes has served the Calgary area’s growing need for new property and real estate projects through impressive integrity and a commitment to delivering results with the highest quality standards. Our professional team works closely with both investors and  home buyers in order to come up with results that exceed expectations. Whatever you’re looking for, Melcom Homes has the experience and the ability to deliver outstanding results.  Melcom Homes is dedicated to our client-first approach, guaranteeing full and open communication while keeping your vision our central focus.

Melcom Homes new builds are up to 30% more efficient than the average

Alberta home, and up to 20% more efficient than Alberta’s building code mandates. On average, you use up to 70% less energy per year.

  • Automatic mortgage loan rebate eligibility of 15%

  • Long terms cost savings on water, electricity, and gas bill

  • Up to 10% higher resale value than average homes

  • A healthier, more comfortable home

Eco-built, just for you!

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Melcom Homes

The Green Option

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Smart Gadgets

Smart Home.

Your home at the touch of your finger tips.

Each home comes with Smart Home Technology that enables you to monitor your home from anywhere in the world. Control lighting, TVs, washer and dryer, appliances and more. See who's at the front door, the garage or even inside your own house. Play your favourite tunes, check the weather, get answers from Google Assistant and adjust the temperature of your home for ultimate comfort.  It's time to start living comfortablely.

Smart home
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