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Edmonton welcomes top eco-friendly home builder, Melcom Homes

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

EDMONTON, Alberta, October 27—Edmonton’s McConachie and Fraser neighbourhoods expect new eco-friendly homes to bring fresh vitality into the community. Melcom Homes is building new single-family homes, combining modern design with sustainable features in a way that’s affordable for younger, eco-conscious homeowners, families, and professionals.

These new homes include modern design upgrades, such as quartz countertops, luxury vinyl plank (LVP) or engineered hardwood floors, tray ceilings, electric fireplaces, and more. Smart home technology, EV charging, and solar panel roofing options appeal to environmentally conscious homeowners.

McConachie and Fraser are desirable communities with plentiful recreational activities, walkways and multi-use trails, parks, schools, restaurants, and favourite retailers. The McConachie development parallels a plan for two new shopping centres, two new district parks with new schools and recreational space, and a community league. This offers new homeowners a chance to grow with the neighbourhood and help establish McConachie as a flourishing community.

Fraser boasts a prime location overlooking the beautiful North Saskatchewan River, Fraser Ravine Park, and North Hermitage Park. Its thriving community league offers events, programs, sports, a community garden, ice rink, and membership benefits.

These homes provide an excellent opportunity for younger homeowners to live in an older, established community while enjoying the benefits of an affordable modern home complete with eco-friendly features.

Melcom Homes takes a client-first approach, boldly guaranteeing a commitment to the client’s vision as their central focus. “All our developments are based on three core principles—quality, affordability, and environmental sustainability,” says Deimira Baidoo, President of Melcom Homes.

The kind of vision Melcom Homes strives to fulfil is a sustainable world. “That starts one home at a time, one city at a time. We’re excited to provide cost-effective, eco-friendly homes to Edmonton residents,” says Tai Ogunsina. “McConachie and Fraser are ideal communities to step into sustainable living.”

About Melcom Homes

Melcom Homes is an eco-friendly home builder in Alberta that builds affordable, sustainable, energy-efficient homes. Melcom values creativity and innovation that pushes the envelope in the green building industry.



Melcom Homes

Jay Johnson, 403.300.2800

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