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Government of Alberta Celebrates Black History Month

FEBRUARY 20, 2023

As we celebrate Black History Month, it is crucial to acknowledge and appreciate the countless contributions of Black leaders and innovators who have blazed a trail for future generations. This month serves as a reminder for us to educate ourselves on Black history and the profound impact it has had on society. Let us take this opportunity to reflect on the significant achievements of Black individuals and continue to uplift and support their accomplishments


Written by

Melcom Homes


Last weekend, McDougall Hall came alive with a vibrant celebration of Black History Month. The event commemorated the rich history, achievements, and contributions of Black Canadians to our society. Premier Danielle Smith, Deputy Premier Kelechi (Kaycee) Madu, KC, ECA, and Minister Jason Luan delivered powerful speeches that highlighted the struggles for equality and recognized the immense impact of Black Canadians on our community.

The celebration was a perfect representation of the diversity of Black cultures and traditions. The event featured various performances that showcased the beauty of Black heritage through dance, poetry, and music. Attendees were treated to awe-inspiring performances that spoke to the resilience, creativity, and artistic excellence of the Black community.

Premier Danielle Smith opened the event with an inspiring speech that underscored the significance of Black History Month. She commended the contributions of Black Canadians to the growth and development of the country and acknowledged the need for more efforts towards achieving equality for all Canadians. She noted that the history of Black Canadians should not be relegated to one month but should be integrated into the broader Canadian narrative.

Deputy Premier Kelechi (Kaycee) Madu, KC, ECA, also spoke at the event, touching on his own experiences as a Nigerian Canadian. He acknowledged the immense challenges faced by Black Canadians but encouraged attendees to be proud of their heritage and celebrate their accomplishments.

Minister Jason Luan's speech was centred on the importance of education and empowerment in the fight against racism and discrimination. He emphasized the need to address systemic barriers to success and to invest in initiatives that promote diversity and inclusivity.

The event was a momentous occasion, providing an opportunity for people to come together to learn, celebrate, and honour the rich history of Black Canadians. The Melcom Homes team, among other attendees, was honoured to be a part of such a wonderful event.

In conclusion, the Black History Month Celebration at McDougall Hall was a tremendous success. The event showcased the resilience and strength of the Black community while highlighting the contributions of Black Canadians to our society. The speeches were insightful, and the performances were mesmerizing, reminding us all of the importance of inclusivity, diversity, and the power of community.

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